Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby J's Nursery!

Ok so I think I may start up with this blog again... Starting with Baby J's Nursery Post! Most of the ideas I got as far as decorating goes comes from Pinterest. I will post links to the inspirations for the DIY projects as well as where I got some of the other furniture/decor.

 Baby Girl's crib is a hand-me-down from my cousins. The bedding is Calico Owls by Bananafish.

 The frame in the top photo is from Target. I filled it with pics of Jason and I and other images found and printed from the net on photo paper. The canvas art in the bottom photo was a pretty easy, although time consuming DIY project. The idea came from a blog called Daffodil Design. The directions and templates for the bird and owl shapes are available on the blog. The shelves they are sitting on are from IKEA.

 The window seat is made from two STUVA benches from IKEA. Once the baby gets a little bit older we can take the cushions off and turn them into activity desks with some cute stools IKEA has as well. Hard to see but there are two pink storage crates underneath one of the benches. The cushions on the benches are actually pet beds, if I were talented with a sewing machine I'm sure I would have made some, however... these fit perfectly and came in pink!

 The stuffed animals are a combination of my own from when I was little, and gifts from my wonderful family. Some can be found on Etsy and Target, and the middle set can be found at Pottery Barn Kids.

The glider is a Shermag Glider from Target. It is comfy and was really easy to put together. The tree decal was found on Etsy. Big thanks to my Aunt Joy who helped me put it on the wall. The adorable blanket was one of the ones my Sister-in-law, Ashley made for the baby.

The growth chart was a gift from my parents, and the banner was actually a decoration from my Baby Shower. Both are from Etsy, however I am not sure where. The rug on the floor is from Pottery Barn Kids.

The inspiration for the changing table unit came from a link I found on Pinterest from a blog called Project Nursery. The furniture is all from IKEA, the MALM dresser and BILLY bookcases. The frame was found on Etsy and the 'J' was cut by my Father-in-law then I stained it and decorated it with some leftover scrapbook paper and ribbon from the canvas art.

Well, that is Baby J's Nursery! Only 5 more weeks till her due date!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This has been a busy month!!

It started off with Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties... Jason went away for a boys weekend in Deep Creek for Dustin's Bachelor Party.. it sounded like they had lots of fun.. so much so, that now he wants to do that for his Bachelor party! Us girls went out for a nice dinner at a Hibachi grill and then out for some drinks at a local bar.

The next week my Aunt Joy and I took her daughter Jillian (Bean) to her first zoo trip. She was very excited.. really all she wanted to see was the "efefents" lol. By the time we were done she was pretty wiped out!

On the 16th, my Mom and I went to NYC for a day trip. I love that city!! We caught a show on Broadway, Mama Mia, I would recommend it, it was very good! We have seen lots of shows and have had a hard time finding anything close to being as good as Wicked, but this was! There was also a street fair and I managed to finish off my bridesmaids gifts :)

Our friends Tiffany and Dustin got married last weekend up in PA/NY (right on the border). I was in the wedding. Unfortunately Jason could not come with me because he could not get out of work. It was a really nice wedding.. lots of fun! I went up last Thursday evening. Friday morning was girls day at the salon, we all got our fingers and toes done. Then there was the rehearsal dinner that evening. Saturday was a beautiful day for the wedding. I even caught the bouquet!! I never caught one and I figured it was my last chance so I went for it!!! I will probably put up a couple more pictures once I see the ones the photographer has taken.

This week we don't really have much going on.. Jason is getting ready to start the overnight shift and I have to work this weekend as well. Then it is June!! My birthday!! I am actually having a hard time with this one... I can't believe my 20's are halfway over!! They are flying by! I believe we are going to have a cookout on Saturday the 6th, then I want to go to the Melting Pot for dinner on Sunday (my favorite restaurant) and Monday the 8th (my actual birthday), I have off work and I am going with Joy on one of her son's field trips to Camden Yards (where the Orioles play). I missed that field trip when I was in elementary school so why not go now? lol

Nothing much new with wedding plans... we are picking up the invitations tonight, I am very excited to see them! I think we will be picking out our wedding bands soon as well.

Well I think that about covers May.. I will try and get a new post for June :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ok ok.. here's one for ya!

So I have been informed that I need to update this since my last blog was about snow.

I guess not a whole lot has been going on. It is the hockey playoffs and our Capitals are still in it! The first series still has a few games, right now we are down 2-1... we need to have 4 wins total to move on. The next game is tonight at 7 (our time) So make sure you cheer!!!

I went to upstate PA this past weekend with my friend Tiffany. Her family was throwing her a bridal shower. It was a lot of fun, it is really pretty up there!! Her hometown is a small town in the mountains.. and when I say small, I mean I believe it is smaller than Maquoketa! We went out Saturday night to a couple places for a little Bachelorette party for her. That was a lot of fun! Jason and I will be heading back up there Memorial weekend for Tiffany and Dustin's wedding. (they are both in our wedding, and I am a bridesmaid in her's)

We have come up with a list of house projects for the summer.. We are going to replace the lattice around the deck and stain the deck. We are also making a garden and pulling up a couple bushes. Jason is digging up the spot for the garden while he is at home during the day this week, and Mom and I are going to take advantage of the beautiful weekend we are going to have to plant everything.

Not much new to report as far as wedding plans.. we are still waiting on our engagement pictures. I get really excited everyday before we get the mail, hopefully they will be waiting on me when I get home!!! We have picked out our invitations, Mom and I are going to order them on Saturday. We also found a table seating chart that we both really like.

I believe that about catches everyone up to speed on what we have been doing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So we got a little bit of snow! Yay! We got anywhere from 3-7 inches. Jason and I put the cats outside to see how they would like it. Herky just sat down and Kylie took one step and then came back inside, lol. I went up to my Aunt Joy's house to go sledding last night, that was fun!

This past weekend we finally got to celebrate Valentines Day. We stayed at a hotel in DC and went to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was very delicious! We tried to go to the comedy club after, but they were sold out. Then Sunday we went to the hockey game. It was pretty bad... we lost 6-2.

We bought our plane tickets, so it is official! We will be in Iowa late on the 24th of this month and we will be there till the 29th. We are both looking forward to it!

Monday, February 23, 2009


So I was tagged! My pic is of Herky and Kylie sitting in a window when they were still kittens! Now I don't think there is anyone left for me to tag!

I went to Deep Creek Lake on a ski trip with my family this past weekend. Unfortunately Jason could not go because he got scheduled for court. :-( It was still lots of fun. I drove down Wednesday night in a thunderstorm with lightning and everything, it was weird. During the night tho, it changed to snow. Ski conditions were great! We got in a lot of great runs! Thursday night we went tubing, that was a lot of fun. We had races. I came in second. Saturday we went to the state park to hike and see the waterfalls. It is the largest waterfall in MD. Then my cousin Jennifer and I drove around to try and find the playground I used to play at when I was a kid. It was still there! So we acted like little kids and played on it for a while.

Jason and I are going to DC this weekend since we have not celebrated Valentines Day yet. We are staying the night and going out for a nice dinner at the Melting Pot (best restaurant ever!) Then Sunday we have a hockey game to go to.

One more thing, we decided to where we are going to go for our honeymoon!!! Hawaii!!! Yay!! We are going to stay on the Island of Kauai.

Here are a couple pics of the ski trip:

This is me standing out on the frozen lake!

Me and my cousin Jennifer playing on the playground

The largest waterfall in MD!

Me going down the slopes!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We have a DJ! That was the last major thing we needed to book. Jenny came to our house last night so we could get the contract signed. She was really nice, we both like her a lot. She seems like she would be lots of fun!

It was also my Mom's birthday yesterday so my parents came over and I made dinner. It was really nice. I have been dying to make this dish I saw Giada make on Everyday Italian (that's my fave. cooking show!) I can't make it for Jason because he won't eat it, lol. It was salmon with lemon and capers and I made a pasta salad to go along with it. Jason got himself some brats. lol.

Tonight we are heading down to DC for a hockey game, so that should be fun! We have another one to go to on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I successfully boycotted the Superbowl. Jason missed most of it as well because he was working. I really had no interest in watching it this year. I REALLY dislike the Steelers. I would have much preferred that my Ravens lost to the Titans the week before. My friend Tiffany and I had a really nice girls night. We had some wine and watched Pride and Prejudice (I just finished the book).

Nothing much new going on, we have chosen a DJ, so I believe that covers everyone that we need to book! Now it is down to all the little decisions that need to be made! Over the last week we went and registered at a couple different places. Target was fun, then we went to Bed Bath & Beyond (they followed us all over the place, it was ridiculous!!) And yesterday we went to Sears. We were kind of disappointed in what they had in the store, so I think we will add more to that online. I will get the Save the Dates out as soon as I can. I would have liked to have sent them by now, but the hotel is holding them up. They STILL don't have their rates up for October! I am going to call them again today.

We are heading out to Western MD for a long weekend soon. I am really looking forward to it. I love the mountains! It is so pretty out there. We go there every year for a ski trip with my parents, my Aunt and Uncle and another couple. I doubt Jason will ski, I will try and get him out there though! We are planning on going snow tubing too. That is a lot of fun! There is also a new ride, the mountain coaster. It looks really cool. We rented a big house with a hot tub. And the hot tub is outside so it is always an adventure hurrying through the snow and ice to get to it!!